Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Suggested Itinerary For 3 Days 2 Nights To Experience Hung Thoong – A New Chain Of Natural Caves In Quang Binh # Top 16 Xem Nhiều | Jhab.edu.vn

Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Suggested Itinerary For 3 Days 2 Nights To Experience Hung Thoong – A New Chain Of Natural Caves In Quang Binh # Top 16 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Suggested Itinerary For 3 Days 2 Nights To Experience Hung Thoong – A New Chain Of Natural Caves In Quang Binh được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Jhab.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

The cave system in Quang Binh has always attracted many tourists to explore, typically Son Doong cave. However, exploring this landscape requires a lot of conditions, good physical strength, high cost, and early competition… So, tourists who are passionate about exploring caves, people are gradually coming to them. Hung Thoong, a cave system that is still pristine, has just been found and allowed to be exploited for a trial tour of 12 months.


If in Hanoi, you can choose to travel by sleeper bus, now there are a number of sleeper buses from Hanoi to Phong Nha with extremely affordable prices, only costing from 250,000 VND.($1=24,000 VND)

If in Ho Chi Minh City, for the fastest and most convenient way, you should travel by plane. Direct flight ticket price ranges from 1,100,000 VND – 1,800,000 VND/way/pax. After landing at Dong Hoi airport, you hire a taxi to go to Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

However, at present, there is only one unit that organizes exclusive exploitation of programs to explore caves and primeval forests at the World Natural Heritage Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, including the “Discover” tour. Hung Thoong” is Jungle Boss with a ticket price of VND 8,000,000/passenger.

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Places to visit and experience

Surrounded by a million-year-old limestone mountain system, Hung Thoong stands out with many wild, magnificent caves with surreal beauty deep in the strictly protected subdivision of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. . To reach this place, you only have to walk along the paths in the middle of the forest.

With 3 days and 2 nights in Hung Thoong, you will have the opportunity to explore the most pristine caves, admire the beautiful colorful thousands of years old stalactites in underground caves, immerse yourself in the Cool lake in the cave, admire the green valley, look at the huge old trees…

Thung Cave in the Hung Thoong system – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Hang Hung

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Round Cave

In addition to Hung cave, Tron cave is the next destination that you can experience. The reason for this name is because there is a round mouth like a magical gate leading to the garden of Eden. Deep inside, the cave has a lake about 1.2km long so you can swim or paddle SUP here.

The feeling of standing on a paddle board, slowly floating on the jade-green water, watching the stalactites in the long and deep cave will make you overwhelmed by the majestic but equally poetic beauty of nature.

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan, @linhkdk

Hang Thung

After going through Hung cave and Tron cave, you will discover Thung cave. To get here, you have to cross the forest and wade streams, then swim through a large lake, about 80m long. Next you have to swing the cliff climbing rope and finally swim through another small lake to get deep into the cave. The distance is quite long and difficult, requiring the explorer to have high endurance.

When swimming through the small lake, you will come to a sinkhole about 30m high. This is a rare place that receives direct light from outside. Therefore, the vegetation in this area is quite lush. The sun shines from above into the sinkhole, dyeing the whole area yellow, creating a space that makes anyone fall in love with it.

Photo: @linhkdk, Cao Ky Nhan

Hung Thoong Stream

In addition to the chain of 3 fanciful caves, you can also visit Hung Thoong stream, the scenery here is like paradise. Hung Thoong Stream with its white flow, rolling through the primeval forests, brings a magical look like smoke. The stream here is quite long and wide, the water is green, the two sides are undulating rocks… all describe a truly magnificent nature encapsulated in Hung Thoong. This is a place that many tourists enjoy when coming to Hung Thoong discovery tour.

Photo: Nguyen Huong

Primary forest

With unspoiled landscapes, vast natural forest ecosystems and deep caves… 3 days 2 nights in Hung Thoong, in addition to discovering the beautiful underground paradise, visitors also have the opportunity to mingle. You can immerse yourself in nature when walking through the forest, climbing over rocky mountains, immersing yourself in a cool stream or camping in the middle of thousands of Phong Nha – Ke Bang…

Experiencing the discovery of the primeval forest of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in particular and the tour “Discovering Hung Thoong” in particular is a new and exciting tour that anyone wants to experience once in their life. .

Photo: Dat T. Bui, @linhkdk

Mada Valley

Located in the middle of Ma Da valley, there is a beautiful blue lake called Ma Da lake. It is still said that, in the past, indigenous people often went to Ma Da valley to hunt partridge birds to make a living, the partridges when they died would turn into ghosts. Ma Da is the ghost of the partridge.

Now, Ma Da Lake has become one of the most beautiful places in the heart of the natural heritage of Phong Nha – Ke Bang that anyone who comes here wants to explore.

Photo: Le Luu Dung

Itinerary 3 days 2 nights

Day 1: Phong Nha – 20 Quyet Thang street – Hung cave – Round cave – Diving lake

– Depart, walk through the forest.

– Lunch on the way.

– Explore Hung cave and Tron cave.

– Camp and have dinner at Hung Thoong diving lake.

Day 2: Diving lake – Hung Thoong Mooc water – Thung cave

– Have breakfast, explore Hung Thoong moor water

– Lunch at Hung Thoong moor water

– swimming at mooc lake

– Explore Thung Cave

– Camping, having dinner at Hung Thoong diving lake

Day 3: Hung Thoong diving lake – Ma Da Lake

– Have breakfast and start walking through Ma Da valley

– Lunch, swimming at Ma Da Lake

– Return.

(Reference schedule from Jungle Boss)

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Xuân Khánh

Từ khoá: Suggested itinerary for 3 days 2 nights to experience Hung Thoong – a new chain of natural caves in Quang Binh

Mua Cave, A Tourist Destination To Admire The Poetic Scenery Of Tam Coc In Ninh Binh

Mua Cave does not attract tourists by its mysterious and fanciful look like many other caves, but this place is still one of the attractive destinations for many young people who love to live virtual. After passing 486 craggy stone steps, you will reach the top of the mountain and can see the full poetic and peaceful beauty of Tam Coc’s vast fields.

Where is Hang Mua?

Mua Cave is located about 6 km from Ninh Binh city center. Mua Cave is located at the foot of Mua mountain, in Hang Mua tourist area, Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. If you have had the opportunity to visit the famous tourist attraction Tam Coc – Bich Dong of Ninh Binh, you cannot ignore this attractive virtual “check-in” coordinates.

Photo: @maria_ror.

Why is this place called Mua Cave?

According to folklore, when King Tran Thai Tong returned to Hoa Lu to establish Am Thai Vi, he often went to this place to listen to the palace concubines, beautiful women dancing, singing, and singing. Since then, people around have passed on the name Hang Mua to remember the old story.

The wild beauty of Mua Cave

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Mua Cave is favored by nature quite a lot. This place not only has the same mountains but also is surrounded by the winding water of Tam Coc. Each cave in Hang Mua has different shades and shapes, but they all make you feel like you’re lost in a wonderland. Colorful stalactites or giant lotus bud-like shapes in Mua Cave were created by nature’s hands millions of years ago.

Photo: @treveluv_.

Mua Cave – check-in coordinates “thousands of people love”.

Mua Cave was built with stone steps leading to the top of Ngoai Long mountain. Thanks to that, this place is given the nickname “Great Wall” of Vietnam by many domestic and foreign tourists. When you have passed 486 stone steps, you will be able to admire the surrounding majestic mountains, stone slabs and pillars meticulously carved with sophisticated and sophisticated patterns.

Photo: Motogo.

Not only that, when standing on the top of Mua mountain, if it is right in the rice season, you can zoom your eyes into the distance, watching the whole peaceful country river, winding between the rice fields straight and the storks flying. On the top of Mua mountain, there is also a statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva, looking down at the land of the ancient capital, bringing a sense of peace.

Photo: @lottasiren.

Photo: @wanderinglauren_presets.

The right time to go to Mua Cave

Mua Cave always has a cool and airy climate, so you can visit this tourist spot at any time of the year. However, in the spring and early summer, the temperature here is not too high, the rainfall is not too great, so you can move more easily.

If you want to discover the beautiful natural picture with golden color, you should go to Mua Cave when Tam Coc is in the ripe rice season. The mats of ripe golden rice seem to be adorned with emerald green river water.

The path to the top of Mua mountain.

How to get to Mua Cave?

– From Hanoi, go straight to the old National Highway 1A through Ha Nam territory.

– Turn in the direction to Ninh Binh Thanh Hoa to reach Ninh Binh city.

– Follow the signposts to Tam Coc Bich Dong tourist area and then follow provincial road 491C to Hang Mua.

What do you need to prepare when coming to Mua Cave?

– The road to the top of Mua mountain is quite slippery and craggy, you should choose sturdy and easy-to-move shoes.

– Drive straight to the inside of Hang Mua tourist area to avoid having to travel far and without paying for parking.

– Should choose costumes with outstanding colors such as yellow, red … if you want to take beautiful check-in photos.

– You can go to Mua Cave early in the morning to avoid crowds and the weather is not too hot.

2DEP Travel

Đăng bởi: Thảo Từ Thị Mỹ

Từ khoá: Mua Cave, a tourist destination to admire the poetic scenery of Tam Coc in Ninh Binh

Ha Giang Tourism 4 Days 4 Nights What To Play, Where To Stay?

Colorful flower season in Ha Giang.

“I understand more about the customs, habits and lifestyle of the ethnic minorities as well as have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties here. The feeling of riding a motorbike in the space between the two sides. It’s also great to see the masterpieces of nature on the rocky side of the abyss,” Hoang Quyen shared with Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine after a recent trip to Ha Giang with her lover.

The 21-year-old girl said that she had intended to go to Ha Giang for a long time, being from the Central region, she always aspired to go to all the provinces and cities in the northern mountainous region. In particular, she likes the majestic and wild beauty of Ha Giang.

“I have a hobby of climbing. I often go mountain climbing, almost every month, I climb an arc. I set a goal to try to conquer all 15 peaks in the North”, Quyen revealed.

Day 1: Ha Giang city – Quan Ba ​​- Yen Minh

From My Dinh bus station (Hanoi), Hoang Quyen and her boyfriend moved to Ha Giang city on a limousine with a bed in Bang Phan car. By evening, they were in Ha Giang.

In the morning, after eating beef noodle soup, they go to milestone 0 to check-in. Finished, the tourists move to Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, 50 km away. On the way, Quyen checked-in the buckwheat flower garden. She traveled around Ha Giang and found this flower garden the most beautiful, blooming and full of flowers.

From Quan Ba, everyone moved to the lonely tree. At noon, they temporarily eat potatoes and eggs sold by Hmong girls under a lonely tree. Quyen and her lover continued to get on the car to move to Yen Minh, which took 2.5 hours. They stopped at the rice shop at the beginning of Yen Minh to have lunch with delicious and rustic dishes.

After a short lunch break, everyone went to Tham Ma slope to check-in and give lucky money and give sweets to highland children and elderly people. Standing at this famous slope, looking down, this road is very beautiful.

Ha Giang people are close, sincere and rustic…

It started to get dark, people started moving to the homestay, which took about 30 minutes. At this time, the tourists are a bit worried because the gas is about to run out, the way to the homestay is very dark and there is no place to sell gasoline. Around 6pm, everyone also arrived at Lao Xa Homestay Hmong ancient house, Lao Xa village, Sung La commune, Dong Van district.

Homestay here is completely separate from the outside area. The entrance is very scenic. The dormitory area is separated by curtains. There was a dinner service here, at that time there were a lot of tourists, so Quyen was able to have dinner with everyone and family. The vegetables, pork and eggs are cooked by Mi Hong and her husband very well.

“Mi Hong’s family is very friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable just like staying in a house. At this time, the outdoor temperature is very low, I feel cold. After eating, everyone sat around the fire. cozy, with Mi Hong’s instrument performing ethnic musical instruments, sipping a cup of specialty wine,” Quyen said.

Day 2: The story of Pao’s house – King Meo’s mansion

They ate breakfast with banana and corn cake with mint honey prepared by Mi Hong’s wife. Quyen asked her to make a warm cup of honey ginger tea to sip early in the morning. People wander around the Lao Xa village to admire the scenery, breathe in the fresh air and take pictures of various miscellaneous things. There is a peaceful and chill scene here, almost all the walls of the house have very strange and unique ancient stones.

Along the way out of Lao Xa area, there is a road overlooking the cliffs and the traffic is quite interesting, so they stopped to check-in, then moved to Pao’s house. They stop for lunch with many delicious dishes such as vegetables, stir-fried beef with celery and omelets. It was cold outside and hungry, so everyone ate very enthusiastically.

Visitors to the film set of Pao’s story bought tickets, took pictures with highland children and yellow canola flowers. There are dried persimmons here, so Quyen bought a bag to sip. Quyen continued to the Cat King Mansion. After buying entrance tickets, everyone went in to take pictures and tour the inside of the mansion. Here, wearing costumes for photography will be quite beautiful.

She moved to Nha Co Homestay, Dong Van town) Quyen went around the house and liked it very much. The house is made in the old style, the space is very comfortable, the seats are made of stone. Quyen found a place to have dinner near the homestay with steamed carp with turmeric.

Day 3: Dong Van – Nho Que River – Meo Vac

Waking up late at the homestay, the two of you hurriedly ate a packet of instant noodles and packed up your luggage to go to Ma Pi Leng pass and the snout of the rock of Death.

“Around 11am, we arrived at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass. There is a small road here, so we don’t let tourists’ motorbikes go in, so we park our cars to walk 1.5 km below the pass to the rocky snout. I have many pictures. Super nice photos on the way to this rocky snout because it is a famous “virtual living” spot in Ha Giang”, Quyen said.

This 3rd day of Ha Giang tourism, it is very sunny and beautiful. Looking from the road up to the rocky snout, you can see the curved Ma Pi Leng road, majestic mountains. To the rocky snout, she climbed up the mountain to the snout to take pictures.

Gorgeous mountains.

The beauty of Ha Giang is present everywhere.

They continued to Nho Que River and rented boats to float on the river. The water of this famous river is very clear. When it started to get dark, Quyen started going to Meo Vac and then stayed at Tien Tai Hotel. At that time, the stomach was hungry, so they went to the hotel to have dinner. The owner here cooks very well, the two of you have used up all the food and rice.

Day 4: Meo Vac returns to Ha Giang city

Having breakfast with vermicelli with poached eggs, the two of you started going back to Ha Giang city. They moved towards Yen Minh pine forest towards the lonely pine tree. Along the way, they buy a lot of candy to distribute to children in the highlands. Arriving in Yen Minh, they had lunch at Yen Minh’s street stall. After that, the tourists continue to Ha Giang city. They returned the car, took a bath, ate rice paper and took the Bang Phan bus back to Hanoi.

Challenge yourself with lots of new things.

Nice photo angle.

Famous river.

The water of Nho Que river is clear and blue.

Satisfy your passion for backpacking, nature and mountains.

The weather at the end of the year is quite cold and sunny, which is very suitable for visiting Ha Giang.

Quyen is in Ha Giang with her lover.

Capture the beautiful moments of everyday life.

Enjoy every moment, and immerse yourself in mother nature.


The first night in Giang Son travel.

Homestays when starting out of Ha Giang City:

Day 1: Old house Lao Xa homestay Hmong (Lao Xa village, Dong Van, Ha Giang), in a common room.

Night on day 2: Old house Homestay 1925 (Dong Van town), in a private room.

Night on day 3: Tien Tai Hotel (Hanh Phuc Street, Meo Vac, Ha Giang), in a private room.

Motorbike rental: Giang Son travel has a car rental for 180,000 VND/day. According to Quyen, the car is strong, smooth, undamaged, and the helmet is beautiful. Free raincoats and gloves are available here. Enthusiastic staff. Everyone should pay attention to the car’s gas so that they don’t run out of gas in the middle of the trip. Ha Giang road is very winding, so you should go carefully.


Round trip sleeper bus Hanoi – Ha Giang: 1,100,000 VND/2 people.

Meals: 2,100,000 VND/2 people – 4 days.

Motorbike rental 180,000 VND/day: 720,000 VND/4 days.

Petrol for motorbikes: 320,000 VND / 4 days.

Fee for buying tickets and washing clothes: 475,000 VND.

Homestay: 900,000 VND/2 people – 4 nights.

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Phương

Từ khoá: Ha Giang tourism 4 days 4 nights what to play, where to stay?

6 New Tricks Of Tourism In 2023, Many Of Them To Deal With Covid

In 2023, because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world tourism industry suffered and suffered heavy losses, so many travel agencies, airlines, and hotels around the world have constantly come up with new trends to serve customers.

1. Virtual reality travel

Using virtual reality technology in tourism is now very popular during the pandemic. This is one of the important applications that help visitors sitting at home can still visit everywhere through the computer screen. Specifically, this technology helps to affect vision, hearing, touch, displaying colors and shapes 100%, giving visitors a real experience.

Virtual reality travel – a safe way to travel during the pandemic.

Thus, you just need to sit in one place and still be able to visit the village of Santa Claus in Finland, or go to the State Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, Russia… with a discount of up to 90%. This service has attracted many tourists who want to relieve stress as well as explore here and there during the epidemic season. Some famous virtual reality travel apps can be mentioned as Ascape VR.

2. Unprecedented flexibility for booking, flights, tours

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, 2023 is an unprecedented flexible year for the tourism industry. Most travel businesses must be flexible to the fullest extent for refunding, canceling or changing booking dates, tickets, etc. Even if non-refundable, they will provide vouchers with extended expiry dates. , so that guests can use it for future travel.

This is considered a flexible way to share difficulties during the epidemic season as well as keep customers with the units after the epidemic.

3. Domestic tourism increases sharply

Many tourist attractions are empty due to the impact of Covid-19.

So instead of traveling abroad, many people have to choose domestic travel. Of course, even domestic travel must comply with safety regulations to combat the epidemic.

5. The trips… go nowhere

At the beginning of October 2023, Eva Air’s flight at Taoyuan International Airport landed at the right place of departure because it only brought hundreds of people to enjoy the scenery around the island. Even some cruise lines also plan similar journeys at sea.

The aim of the airlines is to increase sales in despair due to the covid-19 outbreak, this has helped them have more income to survive the pandemic and also help passengers satisfy their “cravings”. to go far.

In 2023, visitors will also be familiar with new modes of transportation such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, carrying nCoV test papers when traveling. Photo: DW

6. Cheapest prices for flights, resorts and combos

Indeed, the restriction of travel between countries due to the epidemic has led to the fact that countries have almost no international visitors. This greatly affects the business situation of airlines and resorts. To deal with this situation, many airlines and resorts have offered unprecedented low prices.

Right in Vietnam, the price of air tickets and resorts has never been so soft. Even at the end of the year, buying a weekend ticket is only about 1 million / 2 ways for the route Hanoi – Saigon. Or even last July, during the annual tourist peak, the combo of both plane tickets and resorts at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay – one of the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam, was only about less than 11 million VND/person for 4 day 3 nights stay. Meanwhile, the cheapest room rate here is also more than 10 million/night/ 2 people.

Six Senses Ninh Vai Bay has had an unprecedented decrease during the epidemic season.

The world is no exception, many 5-star hotels in the world also offer discount packages and incentives to customers. In which, it is impossible not to mention the Anantara Veli resort in the Maldives. Accordingly, visitors who only need to spend $ 30,000 will be able to stay at this hotel with another person for an unlimited number of days in 2023.

Many resorts have unprecedented high discounts during the epidemic season.

Besides, it also comes with many incentives such as free breakfast, many discount offers for two lunches and dinners and services in the hotel such as spa. In fact, everyone knows that this is too cheap for a luxury destination like the Maldives compared to before the epidemic.

Đăng bởi: Đạt Nguyễn

Từ khoá: 6 new tricks of tourism in 2023, many of them to deal with Covid-19

Experience To Visit Huong Pagoda In A Full And Detailed Day

Perfume pagoda is a complex of sacred pagodas alternating between charming place of painting and water. The journey to visit Huong pagoda is not only a journey back to the land of Buddha, but also tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of heaven and earth.

Visit Huong pagoda, return to Buddha land and immerse yourself in nature, heaven and earth

Travel experience to Huong pagoda will give you specific information about how to move to Huong pagoda, ticket prices, attractions, meals …

1. Where is Huong Pagoda and how to move to Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda, located in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, is one of the most  unique spiritual destinations in Hanoi  ! About 50 kilometers from the city center, it will take you about two hours to reach the scenic area of ​​Huong pagoda.

Huong pagoda is located right in the suburbs of Hanoi, it only takes about 2 hours to move

You can choose to ride by car, motorbike or bus. If you ride a car or a motorbike, there are two ways to go as follows:

– Going in the direction of Nguyen Trai – Ha Dong, to the Ba La junction, turn left in the direction of Van Dinh. Continue about 40 km to reach Te Tieu, turn left and ask for directions to Huong pagoda.

– Go in the direction of National Highway 1A Phap Van – Cau Gie, to the Dong Van intersection, turn right on Highway 38, continue 15 kilometers in the direction of Cho Dau to reach Huong Pagoda.

However, this road is only for cars and motorbikes. If you want to ride a motorbike, you should take the first way, or take the old National Highway 1A going to Thanh Tri.

If traveling by bus, you can choose one of three bus routes 211, 78, 75, of which route 211 and 78 will pick up at My Dinh bus station, while line 75 pick up at Yen Nghia bus station. However, taking the bus when you get off the station will have to walk quite a distance to get to the scenic area, you can take a taxi or taxi quickly, but remember to ask the price before going.

2. What season is the best season to go to Huong pagoda?

You can choose a car, motorbike, or bus to go to Huong Pagoda

Huong pagoda can be walked all year round, just spending a day on the weekends you can go to Huong pagoda to find peace of mind. Huong pagoda will be an extremely great place for your  weekend trip to Hanoi  .

Perfume Pagoda – sacred tourist destination of Hanoi

Huong pagoda festival will take place from January to the end of the third lunar month. The most crowded is around January, of which January 6 will be the opening day of Huong pagoda. If you go to Huong pagoda at the beginning of the year, you will be immersed in the exciting festival atmosphere, participating in very special activities taking place in the guild. This was also the time when Huong pagoda was very crowded, due to the influx of people from all four directions. At Yen stream wharf, hundreds of boats carrying customers, shops around the pagoda are active and jubilant. However, going into the crowded guild, you will take a long time to move, as well as strenuously to worship the temple.

According to my hobby and experience to go to Huong pagoda , this autumn, the scenery is also a great experience. The temple is deserted, so you will have a lot of time to enjoy the scenery, the pagoda ceremony, the move is also faster, stronger, and more time-saving.

The view of Huong pagoda in autumn is great

Autumn is also the time when lilies bloom at Huong pagoda, so to take pictures with lilies, you should stay overnight at the pagoda, get up early in the morning to see the lilies in full bloom.

3. Sights and time to fully explore Huong Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda is a complex of pagodas scattered in Suoi Yen valley, so it will take 2-3 days to go all the temples here.

Theo kinh nghiệm đi chùa Hương thì nếu chỉ đi trong một ngày, bạn nên viếng thăm đền Trình, chùa Thiên Trù, và động Hương Tích, đây là những ngôi chùa chính và linh thiêng nhất trong toàn thể khu danh thắng. Ngoài ra, để tiết kiệm thời gian và công sức, bạn có thể đi bằng cáp treo hiện đại.

Động Hương Tích – điểm đến quan trọng nhất tại khu thắng cảnh chùa Hương

Nếu lựa chọn leo bộ và muốn thành tâm khám phá chùa Hương, bạn có thể đi theo 3 tuyến hành hương như sau:

– Tuyến Hương Tích: Đền Trình – chùa Thiên Trù – động Tiên Sơn – chùa Giải Oan – đền Trần Song – động Hương Tích – chùa Hinh Bồng.

– Tuyến Thanh Sơn Hương Đài: Hang Sơn Thủy Hữu Tình – chùa Thanh Sơn – động Hương Đài – chùa Long Vân – động Long Vân – chùa Cây Khế

– Tuyến Tuyết Sơn: Đền Trình – chùa Tuyết Sơn – chùa Bảo Đài – động Ngọc Long – chùa Cá

4. Sightseeing ticket price and Huong Chua cable car ticket

Perfume Pagoda is a complex of many temples, so you will need 2-3 days to see the scenery

Ticket price to visit Huong pagoda : 130,000 VND / person (In which: scenic ticket: 80,000 VND / person and boat ticket: 50,000 VND / person)

Cable car ticket price of Huong pagoda:

– Adults: 180,000 VND / round-trip ticket, 120,000 VND / one-way ticket

– Children under 1.2 m tall: 120,000 VND / round-trip ticket, 90,000 VND / one-way ticket.

5. Experience to go to Huong pagoda on self-sufficient in a day with appropriate schedule

Price list of cable car tickets to Huong pagoda

During my latest trip to Huong pagoda , I spent an entire day exploring Huong pagoda according to the following schedule: Temple Trinh – Thien Tru pagoda – Huong Tich cave – Tien Son pagoda – Thanh Son Huong Dai pagoda

7:30 depart in Hanoi city in the direction of Nguyen Trai, 9:30 am present at Huong pagoda, buy tickets to take the boat.

10:00 am depart from Suoi Yen wharf to enter Trinh temple ceremony.

Then take a boat on Yen Suoi to reach Thien Tru pagoda.

In front of Thien Tru pagoda gateThien Tru pagoda this season is very quiet and peaceful

After visiting the entire Thien Tru pagoda around 12:30 am, our group had lunch at the foot of Thien Tru pagoda, followed by a large group so I contacted the restaurant right there to order lunch.

At 2:00, I left to Huong Tich cave. Because the group has young children, so choose to take the cable car, move very quickly to reach Huong Tich cave. At the gate of heaven, you will descend a few hundred meters down the stairs to the cave. The deeper you go, the cooler and wet you are.

Worship in front of Huong Tich caveThe deeper you go, the cooler and humid the cave becomesFrom below, Huong Tich cave looks up to the sky gate After the ceremony at Huong Tich cave, take the cable car back to Thien Tru, then go to Tien Son chúng tôi to Tien Son pagodaA peaceful view from Tien Son Pagoda Around 16:00, we went to Thien Tru wharf, because time was still quite early, the group decided to sit on a boat to enter Thanh Son Huong Dai Pagoda. This is one of my favorite temples in the scenic area of ​​Perfume Pagoda. Thanh Son Huong Dai is extremely quiet and serene, with extremely open space. This is also the place where I often apply for tattoos at the beginning of the year. There is also Tieu Nhi Cau Tu cave which is a place to pray for children, fame and health.Thanh Son Huong DaiPeaceful scenery of Thanh Son Huong Dai

6:00 pm depart for the car to Hanoi.

6. Eat and drink at Huong Pagoda

Along the two sides of the scenic area of ​​Huong pagoda, there are many restaurants for you to rest and eat. The menu is quite diverse depending on your needs. Always be sure to check the prices carefully first to avoid being cut down if the festival is busy.

7. What to buy as a gift when going to Huong pagoda?

The lunch was full and quite deliciousAlong the way, there are many shops selling soft drinks such as cane juice, crocodile juice, soft drinks … Or you can prepare lunch to save more money.A stall sells chestnuts, boiled potatoes, and boiled eggs Some specialties of Huong pagoda that you can enjoy or buy as gifts such as dried vegetables, wild apricots, tea, rice balls, tea lam, chestnut, master horse root …Tofu tea – a specialty of Huong pagoda

During the festival season, along the two sides of the road, there are many stalls selling souvenirs, diverse items such as jewelry, necklaces, toys, clothes, lucky charms … you can buy as gifts for relatives. , friend. Pay the price if it feels too expensive!

Stalls selling souvenirs at Huong pagoda

I go in the autumn so Huong pagoda is extremely deserted, but there are still stalls open so I can rest assured that I can still buy.

In addition, Huong pagoda also sells herbs and medicines, but be careful if you do not know about them.

8. Some experiences to visit Huong pagoda you should note Experience buying boat tickets

Be careful when buying medicines and herbs at Huong pagoda

If you travel to Huong pagoda during the busy festival season, along the way to Yen stream pier there will be many “storks” to follow. Avoid using the services of these people because prices are easily cut. Should go to Yen stream area to buy tickets.

There is also the situation of cramming guests on the boat or getting an increase in the boat, please agree carefully on the price as well as the maximum number of passengers sitting on the boat before going.

Yen Stream is quite deep, so you must pay attention to safety while sitting on the boat, as well as take care of your belongings carefully.

Experience in preparing offerings when going to Huong pagoda

To save money, you should have something ready at home to take away. In addition, there are many places in Huong pagoda that sell gifts as well as write letters, but it is necessary to agree carefully on the price to avoid confusion.

Choose polite clothing

Going to any spiritual place, you need to wear polite clothes, so wear long pants, dresses, or blue clothes as possible.

To conquer Perfume Pagoda, you will have to climb a lot, prepare yourself a pair of soft canvas shoes to avoid foot pain when climbing.

In addition, you should prepare everything as compact as possible to avoid carrying heavy, bulky things when climbing the mountain will be very tiring.

Maintain the environment when coming to Huong pagoda

Should wear lightweight clothing to easily move when conquering Huong pagoda

During the visit to Huong pagoda , you will use a lot of food and drink, always remember to dispose of trash in the right place and keep the general hygiene to protect the environment here is clean.

Do not throw change money into the forest when riding the cable car, because it is extremely wasteful, and pollutes the environment, because the temple itself is also difficult to collect change in areas with difficult terrain. Put the ceremony in the right place in the right place.

Remember to carefully store furniture

Going in the empty season is okay, but if you go to Huong pagoda during the festival season, people come in and out crowdedly, it will be difficult to avoid crooks, so please take good care of your furniture.

Lữ Hành Việt Nam

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Quốc Cường

Từ khoá: Experience to visit Huong pagoda in a full and detailed day

List Of 15 Tourist Attractions In Hau Giang For A Trip Full Of Memories

Wandering around all the impressive tourist destinations of Hau Giang 1. Lung Ngoc Hoang Reserve

This is one of the nature discovery tourist destinations that tourists love when coming to Hau Giang. This sanctuary possesses an extremely green and wild beauty. Coming here, especially during the flooding season, you will be able to roam the boat into the flooded ancient Melaleuca forests. See rare animals and plants as well as experience beautiful rivers.

– Address: Tan Phuoc Hung commune, Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang.

2. Tu Sang Bamboo Road

Photo: @chauthihuynhnhuPhoto: @balbaljp

The road through the bamboo forest is named after the donor – Mr. Dang Van Sang. Among the tourist destinations of Hau Giang , this place is also communicated by young people to check in, quite a lot because of its impressive beauty. Walk on the road to enjoy the cool and peaceful breeze of the countryside and, above all, save for yourself impressive photo sets. From the casual to the ancient swordplay style, they all become a unique and irresistible background.

– Address: Thanh Hoa commune, Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang province.

3. Kittyd & Minnied Amusement Park

The bamboo path is like in a swordplay movie

The most modern and largest amusement park in the Mekong Delta is located only 7 km from the city center. The entertainment area simulates the classic castles such as stepping from the fairy tale, the leaning tower of Pisa or the Arc de Triomphe, … And the most attractive is the modern game store with: water park, thrilling game , indoor play area, video games, watching the street parade, … Without limit the number of play times, spoiled with friends to check in and “bombard” all day.

– Address: NH1A, Tan Phu Thanh Commune, Chau Thanh A, Hau Giang.

4. Cau Duc pineapple field

– Address: in 2 communes Tan Tien and Hoa Tien, about 16 km from the city center.

5. Phu Huu tourist area

Cau Duc Pineapple is a delicious specialty that everyone wants to try

Western river-nature resort with fun games and activities. This Hau Giang tourist destination is surrounded by nature by green trees and shady coconut trees. Devoured in the clothes, she transformed into a garden farmer to check in with the beautiful scenery, visiting the garden. Or participate in attractive games with friends such as slapping fish ditches, canoeing, swinging, … finally enjoying delicious rustic cuisine that is hard to find.

– Address: Phu Nghia hamlet, Phu Huu commune, Chau Thanh district.

6. Ba Bai base (the base area of ​​the Can Tho Provincial Party Committee)

Photo: @ saomai_0801Photo: @ thaotran3.7.3

Hau Giang’s famous revolutionary base in particular and the West in general, where the history of the army and people was marked during the war years of liberation of the South to unify the country. Here, you will visit the secret bunkers, vivid artifacts recreating the lives of soldiers in the past. Learn and hear about the glorious feats they sacrificed to become as independent as they are today. 

7. Vi Hung Church

An important revolutionary base of Hau Giang as well as the people of the South

The outstanding church is located next to the peaceful and romantic Xa No canal. Built in a spacious and airy campus with impressive architectural interference. Most are designed in the style of a classical Roman church, but the curved and prominent roof has the look of Vietnamese temples. Every weekend or Christmas, not only Catholics attend the ceremony but this tourist destination in Hau Giang also welcomes visitors to visit quite a lot.

– Address: Area 2, Ward 4, Vi Thanh City, Hau Giang. 

8. Chuong Thien victory relic

Photo: @avskhanh

This special National Monument was inaugurated in 2014, located in Vi Thanh city of Hau Giang. The ideal place to visit to learn about the struggles of the people in the river region with the campus of over 144,000 m2. Include:

Victory monument cluster, symbolic for 3 armies, 3 attack arrows with stylized coconut leaf image. Carved behind are feats and typical events through the war periods. 

Area exhibiting outdoor artifacts with tanks and aircraft.

Indoor display area with: documentary images of battles in Cai Nai and Cai Son areas, artifacts of equipment, weapons, …  

– Address: ward 5, city. Vi Thanh, Hau Giang province.

9. Uncle Ho Temple

Photo: thamhiemmekong

The temple area is a place for people in Hau Giang to remember the beloved old father of the Vietnamese nation. Designed in the style of the familiar 3-room architecture of the people of the South West and in 2000 it was also recognized as a National-level Historical and Cultural Relic. Every important Tet holiday, people and tourists here as well as other places gather to this Hau Giang tourist destination to burn incense to express their gratitude.

– Address: Hamlet 3, Luong Tam Commune, Long My District, Hau Giang Province.

10. Nga Bay floating market – Phung Hiep

Photo: DulichmientayAmong the most popular destinations, this is the ideal destination for you to explore life and learn about the unique Western culture . In addition to sitting in the boat to visit the market, shopping for souvenirs, eating and drinking, … You can also watch the vast river, check-in with a simple scene, especially in the sunset when the golden sunset is shining. sea. The floating market returns with an endless, immense tranquility only of the people with their daily lives.Photo: Pinterest

Located on the immense and poetic Xang Xa No canal, the people’s favorite entertainment and entertainment place in the central area of ​​Hau Giang city. This is like an airy green space right in the heart of the city with rows of palanquin, coconut trees and willow shading. The night falls even more brilliant when it is illuminated with various colorful lights, the scenic destination is also quite ideal for you. 

12. The road on both sides is beautiful

Cool park is located on the banks of Xa No canal

For young people looking for a tourist destination in Hau Giang to check-in , this romantic street cannot be missed. The long road is planted with rows of areca trees on both sides of the road that are connected to each other. There are more than 3,000 trees planted, each 5 meters high, evoking the image of the homeland familiar to any Vietnamese children.

– Address: road leading to Dong Thanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province.

13. Vi Thuy betel village

The road is known as the most poetic beauty in Hau Giang

This place is known as “Kingdom of betel leaves” when there are 32.5 hectares of betel area. Betel in Vi Thuy is loved by people everywhere because of its golden leaves, crunchy and characteristic pungent flavor. For many years, people here stick with the profession, although the value of each betel leaf is not high, but it is an inseparable part of culture. Coming to the village of betel nuts early in the morning, you can see the green scenery, the beautiful betel leaves. The ladies wear Ba Ba shirts and betel leaf hats, creating a peaceful scene.

– Address: Vi Thuy commune, Vi Thuy district, Hau Giang province.

14. Long Tri mandarin garden

Photo: @Dulichmientay

The peaceful land of Long Tri is located on the Cai Lon river and is alluvial all year round, contributing to the creation of sweet and rich tangerines. Tangerines in this region have a distinct aroma, when ripe, the peel is lemon yellow, thin and succulent. When peeled off a little tangerine, the food is not dry, the sweet taste is not too harsh Tangerine orchard has also become a favorite place when traveling to the southwestern region . Just to visit, enjoy at the garden and also buy as gifts like this rare fruit.

– Address: Long Tri commune, Long My district, Hau Giang province.

15. Truc Lam Hau Giang Zen Monastery

Photo: Vnexpress

This is one of the rare Zen monasteries in the West according to the Truc Lam Yen Tu sect. This temple was built on a 4-hectare campus, which was officially inaugurated in 2023 but has quickly become a favorite destination for people and tourists. Bringing massive architectural works, in addition to a spiritual destination for worship, when people visit this place, they can also enjoy the scenery and relax in a pure space. Listening to the Buddha’s teachings, learning Buddhist philosophy helps to calm down and towards good deeds.

– Address: Vinh Tuong ward, Long My town, Hau Giang.

Photo: @chiithanhPhoto: @ sonhuynh.photoPhoto: @ sonhuynh.photo

From the urban center to the rustic countryside, the tourist destinations of Hau Giang always contain charming and charming scenery. Don’t forget to check-in and experience all the destinations to have good memories. In particular, more love the peaceful life of this peaceful land people.

Đăng bởi: Quỳnh Dương

Từ khoá: List of 15 tourist attractions in Hau Giang for a trip full of memories

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